Your Personalized Interior Alignment® Session

We all want our spaces to feel good, with a certain ease and grace that’s hard to put into words. An office that motivates us to reach farther and excel in our careers, a bedroom that relaxes us and leads to better sleep. A living room where we’re proud to host our family and friends. Some might call it Feng Shui. I call it Align by Design.

Sometimes, we don’t know where to start. We’re scared of investing our time and energy into improving a space when we’re already over our heads with day-to-day life. Or, we know where to start but don’t know how, so we push off improving our spaces and are left unfocused and misaligned, both inside and out.

As a Certified Interior Alignment® Guide, I’ll work with you to re-design a room (or rooms) of your choice, breaking your project into small, bite-sized pieces that help you create a beautiful, and energetically-aligned oasis. We’ll talk about what you’re looking for and even more importantly how you want your space to make you feel after our work together. During our initial strategy session you’ll receive  the clarity and direction you need to shift the energy and create the space of your dreams...

My One Room Refresh Program.

Only $297

I Need This!

Pre-Session Exercises provide photos, inspiration etc.

90 Minute, 1:1 Initial Strategy Session and one Room Assessment including specific alignment exercises and an action plan.

Customized Homework with specific tasks to complete between sessions (accountability that keeps you moving forward).

30-Minute Follow-Up Session to review progress, answer questions and provide accountability that gets you to the finish line. 

Email Access Between Sessions so you have someone on your team who gets it, cheers you on and who has your back whenever something comes up.

Interior Alignment Guidance to Create one “Zen Zone” in Your Home or Office.

BONUS: Free Resource to refer to with helpful tips, tricks, and positive affirmations.

I'm Ready!


You want to “Fung Shui” a space like your office, meditation space, living room, kitchen nook, etc.

You’re tired of looking at Pinterest and Instagram to find design inspiration, You want to speak with a person that hears what you’re looking for and can help you translate your vision into reality.


You want to participate in the process.

The most successful designs always start with a client that is inspired and excited. You want some guidance, but would also love to take matters into your own hands. Shopping trip anyone?


You have one or more spaces in your home (and heart) that need attention.

You could use some help aligning your external environment with how you are feeling, or aspire to feel, inside.


Your energy and spirit need lifting.

There is no better way to lift your energy than with a fresh coat of paint, incorporating elements from nature, or accessorizing your space in a way that motivates and provides ease and comfort.


You’re feeling like you’re at a turning point in your life.

You’ve just rented a new condo, purchased a new home, started a family, started a business, re-imagined your future, or are re-thinking your career.


You’re looking for a small, incremental way to finesse a space.

We’re not knocking down walls or putting on a new addition (although, we could ;) ) We’re improving the look, but more importantly the energy, so you can love where you are right now.

I'm Ready!

Interior Alignment is a year-long, in-depth certification program that requires it’s participants to dig deep personally, professionally and spiritually. Both practical and highly experiential in nature, the process opened my eyes to just how much our inner world is reflected in our outer world (and what we can do to enhance our experience of both).

Set up a Discovery Call

A sense of direction on where to go from here.

A beautiful new space to focus on YOU.

Tactical next steps to support you on your journey to interior alignment.

A sense of clarity, relief and peace.

The confidence to make choices that you believe in and the will to continue forward.

Only $297

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Align Your Energy the Way it’s Intended and Step Back to See What Unfolds

"Mina’s instructions were so simple: “Face your opportunities. Want abundance?…Bring it into your workspace. Position what’s important near you.” I watched a video and was pretty intrigued. Could it work? She said that energy could manifest your destiny so I decided to give it a shot. I followed her directions, and rearranged my office space.

First of all: I absolutely LOVE my new space. It feels so different and so right, in a way that my previous set up just felt restrictive. Like I didn’t know what would be coming up next – good or bad – in my business, and I wasn’t in control. But with the re-arrangement, my office space is calm soothing, and the way I’ve always wanted my home office to be.

And secondly…Within 96 hours: Three leads. THREE. From “maybe one-days” to “we’re interested, can we talk next week?” WOW. Align your energy the way it’s intended and step back to see what unfolds!"

Juliana S.
Founder + CEO, Magnetic Current

Helped me See What was Truly Important

"Working with Mina helped me take an unusable space that I actually dreaded working in, and turned it into a work haven! I had become so buried in all the things I "thought" I needed and she helped me to see what was truly important and what wasn't. Mina also helped to come up with options using the furniture and items I already had, with a plan of what I could get in the future when needed. Now, I have a work space that is open and much more conducive to helping my creativity flow which turns into productivity in my business. If you have a space which doesn't serve you, you need to get her help!"

Yvonne L.
Young Living Essential Oils

Become Intimately Acquainted with the Space You Inhabit Within

"Mina Fies is an experience. She is a kind hearted, spirited, unapologetic leader and divine fierce feminine. As a remarkable remodeler and intuitive consultant she will bring the alignment you need to your physical home or office space. As a channel, guide and coach, she will help you become intimately acquainted with the space you inhabit within you. As the Master/Queen of Spaces, Mina will also “hold space”, the invisible space in between all else, the space in the “pause”, and will do so brilliantly. She will speak clearly and kindly, holding up a mirror and helping you remember who you really are, and that you are not here to impress or “fake it till you make it”, you are here to be exactly who you were supposed to be."

Richa B.
Transformational Coach

It's time to love your space again, what are you waiting for?

Let's Do This!