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5 Ways to Spring Your Space

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Often it's the small things that have the most impact in our homes, our lives, and our everyday well-being, which is why Spring is one of my favorite times of year.  Not only does it encourage us to add fun pops of bright color that instantly lightens our mood, but it puts us more in touch with nature, improves our focus, and increases our happiness and productivity. 

Best part? It doesn't need to take hours to usher Spring into your space. Just hop on Pinterest, find some inspo pics, head on over to Wayfair or Amazon and place an order! In today’s crazy day and age, you can have new accessories delivered straight to your door the VERY SAME DAY (talk about instant gratification)!

Here's 5 quick and easy ways you can to usher Spring into your space starting today:

  1. Let there be LIGHT. Open those blinds, shades, and windows and let that vitamin D pour in. Vitamin D is as vital for physical health as it is for mental health.     
  2. Create an Inside Garden. Tulips and carnations are the flowers of the season. A fresh bouquet on the kitchen island adds vibrancy and color (and is an instant mood booster)!    
  3. Incorporate Scented Candles: Fresh meadows, morning dew or ocean mist whatever opens your heart.    
  4. Throw on Soothing Sounds: Alexa, play WFH chill playlist.    
  5. Add a Touch of Bright Colors: Yellow is the color of the Spring season! Add a tasteful touch via couch cushions, a nice throw, or a fun pot for a new house plant. 

The importance of a good Spring clean also can’t be underestimated - it's way too easy to let clutter sneak in and take away all the great mojo you created in your space. Place a recurring event every week (or every other) to remind yourself to clear out any accumulating piles and dust off those shelves so your space is always feeling fresh and ready for more.

If you’re interested in learning more about what natural elements you can bring into your space this season, find my newest freebie here!  

Want more? I’m here for you! As a Certified Interior Alignment® Guide, I’ll work with you to re-design a room (or rooms) of your choice, breaking your project into small, bite-sized pieces that help you create a beautiful, and energetically-aligned oasis. Please schedule a call to learn more

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