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8 Ways to Create a Peaceful Home with a Zen-Like Vibe

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I love touring model homes. I instantly feel happy and relaxed. Inevitably, when I get home I’m inspired to tweak my own decor so I can replicate that calm feeling. Here are some ways you can do it too.

1. Let There Be Light   

Sunlight is the best natural mood booster there is (and harsh lighting is the antithesis of soothing)! So, take advantage of natural lighting by keeping blinds open, opening your windows and even consider installing a Solatube or two to lighten up those darker areas of your home.  At night or in rooms that are on the dark side, use warm white bulbs (with dimmers of course) to create a soothing ambiance at the end of the day. 


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2. Warm Colors, Warm Heart

While gray may be all the rage right now, don’t be afraid to warm up your space with hues such as browns, tans, cream/ivory, and other soft neutrals. These colors have an immediate impact on the sense of relaxation you feel in a space. Accessories with neutral colors from nature like driftwood and shells naturally sooth the mind because of its association with being outdoors. Still feel the pull to bring in some of the latest gray trends? Try using the warmer greys like Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter, Edgecomb Gray or Stone Hearth.

3. Meaningful Art

A peaceful room should not be overcrowded with loud and flashy artwork. A soothing environment is crisp, clean, and decorated with classic and timeless pieces. 

I believe the best way to personalize a room (and bring in a fun and playful energy at the same time) is to frame your child’s artwork in white frames. 




A collage of family pictures on a large wall is perfect in the family room. And bringing the outdoors in through art is always a winner when going for a zen-like vibe. …these are just a few of the many art options in the world of home decor!

4. Inside Garden

Speaking of bringing the outdoors in, fresh flowers (they don’t need to be expensive!) and plants are a must in my opinion. Plants not only improve the air quality, but they help us stay connected to nature. I’m sure you’re no stranger to the countless studies showing their ability to reduce stress levels and boost mood, so take advantage of their healing qualities. As far as flowers…whether you bought them for yourself or someone surprised you – they make most of us happy just to have in a room –  plain and simple!


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5. Aromatherapy

Of the five senses, scent might be the most powerful. A subtle pleasing fragrance can instantly make you feel happy. Some ways to incorporate aromatherapy into your home include: scented candles (I like the soy kind), essential oil diffusers and sachets in your dresser drawers. I always light candles before I have guests over because I want them to feel welcome and at peace as soon as they enter my home.


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6. Clutter Free

Model homes are not actually lived in, so of course they’re clutter free! But we live in the real world and we know clutter will naturally accumulate from time to time (even with the best of intentions).  While it’s easy to let things collect over time, letting an excess amount of it get away from you can negatively impact your mental state. By creating a more harmonious environment in the home, you can lighten your mental load. So, channel your inner Marie Kondo and get to decluttering!

Got kid chaos?!? Check out my blog tips on how to enroll them in your decluttering revolution:

7. Soft & Cozy

A fleece throw blanket (or two) in a basket in your family room is perfect for easy access on cold days. Soft throw pillows are not only comfortable, but add texture to your room – think knit or sherpa! If you have wood floors, a wool area rug really warms up a room both aesthetically and serves as a comfortable place for you to play board games or cuddle with your dog.

8. Soothing Sounds

Like Goldilocks, sometimes the noise level in your house is either too quiet or too loud. A good in between may be just the thing to calm your mind. Some manufactured white noise can do the trick – you can get this from a quiet fan, a noise machine (great for those who don’t like to sleep in complete silence) and/or a tabletop water feature that you can easily find online.



I truly believe how you feel in your home can change your life. If you create a home with a peaceful and harmonious energy, it will help you and your family be the best that you can be, individually and together!

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