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A Soul-Filled Recipe for Health and Happiness

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Why does the holiday season sometimes cause us to forget what is truly important to us? What should be a beautiful, rewarding, and fulfilling season usually launches us into a list of compounding holiday work deadlines, redecorating our already well furnished homes and apartments to impress guests and trying to become Michelin star chefs overnight (all the while, I’m just really trying not to burn the turkey!)

We don’t realize the impact our own expectations or wishes for the holidays have on our experience of them. What the perfection displayed on social media has done to our humble table settings and pumpkin pies, and how this all translates into real, tangible emotions we feel all holiday season long.

It’s time to shift the conversation and take control of our experience.

To grab the power back from this hyped-up, “buy-this-or-that for you-know-who or you’re a grinch” mass-marketed society and get down to what REALLY matters.  


Today I’m sharing with you a new recipe for health and happiness that I hope you can refer back to this holiday season. It goes a little something like this:

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Bake Time: Unlimited


  • 1 cup giving/volunteering 
  • 3 tablespoons of self care
  • 12 oz of warm, soothing tea
  • 30 min of nature


Choose one, two, or all of the soulful suggestions below to add into your mix (slowly savoring each addition). Season with other gifts you can give to yourself focused on self love and self care. I promise, you’ll be back in control of your own life and enjoying what this season is all about.

  • Walk in / connect with nature for 30 minutes everyday
  • Enjoy a cup of tea every day
  • Take a bath once a week
  • Make a new friend at the grocery store
  • Read a chapter in your favorite book
  • Call a friend “just because”
  • Visit the animal shelter and bring home a new furry friend 
  • Give yourself the gift of your own “zen zone” 


Suffering from a personal hardship this holiday season? No matter what you are going through, know you still deserve happiness. Add a little sprinkle of self reflection to your day to prioritize your thoughts and emotions. Take as little as 10 minutes each morning, in a quiet sacred space, to jot down your thoughts in a journal. Or, don’t write anything at all. Just take time to think and reflect on what you can be grateful for in the moment. Talk to a friend. Know that there are always people out there to support you.

If we simply let go, try not to achieve perfection and embrace the holidays for the happy occasions they’re supposed to be, we may find there is a greater connection and force at work. 

If you find yourself still feeling overwhelmed this holiday season, I’m always here for a sanity check! Schedule a free 30-min check-in call with me here. 


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