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Controlling Kid Chaos: 3 Steps To Creating Organized Spaces That Teach Them for Life

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If you watched Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up, you may have been struck by how the families were able to get their kids on board with decluttering. Not only did they not whine or complain, but they seem to actually enjoy getting involved in the process!  If you have thought to yourself “Wow, I wish my kids were like that,” I’ve got good news for you — they can be!  You can easily teach your children how to create organized spaces by making it a fun and collaborative process. This not only helps you control the chaos in your home, but it also teaches your children valuable life lessons.

Think about how amazing we feel when we walk into a clean and uncluttered space! We feel more at peace, grounded and centered. So why wouldn’t we want them to have the same experience? The more we help them understand the correlation between their environment and how they feel, the more they’ll see that feeling better is well worth the 20 minutes it takes out of their day.

As their new habits start to take hold and they feel better on the regular, they’ll also naturally want others around them to feel the same way (instilling a sense of consideration for others). These lessons will continue to serve them when they move into college, as young adults living with roommates, when they get married and start families of their own — and beyond!

It’s also an important lesson in being considerate of others — because if you share a home with others, they deserve to live in a neat and tidy home too! It also teaches the importance of being proactive (for example, sorting out the home before it becomes a complete train wreck) to make life easier for yourself later. It’s the whole idea of doing things today, to take care of the future you.

So how do you do this without eliciting major eye rolls every time you ask them to tidy their room? Here are 5 simple ways to teach your kids to create organized spaces.

1. A place for everything, and everything in its place

One important part of creating organized spaces for kids is teaching them where things “belong.” This comes down to having a designated spot for all their belongings. You might have a shelf that all their video games go on, a box for their Lego blocks or a basket for their dirty clothes. If your kids are old enough to read, you may even want to label these storage areas. This helps create a mental cue every time they see it.

2. Keep storage simple

The easier it is for kids to see and access their storage spaces, the more likely they’ll be to use them. This means not only having set areas for everything, but also making sure they’re clearly visible and easy for your kids to reach. Store things at kid height (not on tall shelves that need a chair to access), use clear containers where possible so they can see what’s inside and display things like books, rather than stacking them — not only will they be easier for them to access without sending the rest tumbling, they’re also more likely to be used! You may also want to try the Marie Kondo style of folding, so your kids don’t mess up their clothes every time they pull something out.

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3. Turn it into a game

If there’s one easy way to make anything fun for kids, it’s turning it into a game! Try setting timed tasks for your kids where they have to race against the clock to clean or organize their bedrooms. If you haven’t already implemented a chart system for chores (where they earn points and rewards for completing certain tasks), this would be a great time to start. Go beyond listing items like “taking out the trash” and “emptying the dishwasher!” When you incorporate organizing their closet or removing old clothes from their dresser, it helps instill the importance of only having items that “spark joy” (as Marie would say). The added benefit will be they will start to hold onto less “stuff” as their interests change…and less is definitely more when it comes to keeping an uncluttered home!

Another way to add some fun into the mix is by making it a team sport with the rest of the family! Maybe create a “Cleaning Sunday Funday’” where you pop on some tunes and get the whole family involved in tidying and sorting out the home. You could even finish it off with a fun activity, like a family game or pizza night (or both!).

There are so many great ways to take on creating an organized and tidy space with your family! Hopefully you’ve grabbed a couple of new ideas for inspiration (or at least got the creative juices flowing). Don’t forget to send me your pictures of your progress (I LOVE getting emails from you all!!).

Is creating an organized and zen-like space in your home on your to-do list? Whether it’s for you or your children, I’m here to help! Book a clarity session with me today and I’ll assist you in creating a home you love.

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