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Feng Shui Starts in Your Bedroom (here’s how to make it happen):

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Bedroom Interior Design Tips to Create Feng Shui

In this over-connected, high stress world we live in, we all need a space where our mind and bodies can rest and recharge without distraction—and that place is our bedroom. If you think about the rooms in your home, they all serve a very specific function. The kitchen is for cooking, the den for entertaining, the bathroom (well, we don’t have to go into details there…), and so on. While the bedroom’s main purpose is to create an atmosphere for peaceful sleep, it’s also a place to restore harmony and bring energy back into our everyday life.

More than any other room in your home, the bedroom is your own uninterrupted space. It’s your sanctuary, and should be designed in a way that fits your needs and helps you rest and escape from everyday life. Whether you are single, dating, or in a committed relationship there are a few interior design tips in order to successfully feng shui your bedroom so you can lead a fuller, happier life.

Pair up

Just like Noah and the animals on the arc, everything is better in twos! If you’re single and looking for a relationship it’s important to create an environment that welcomes this into your life by ensuring there are two of everything. Two bedside tables. Two lamps. Two dressers. Not only does having furniture in pairs show there is room for someone else in your bedroom (and more importantly in your life), but it also provides balance—and balance is key to establishing positive energy in any room. This energy not only helps us feel at ease in the space, but it helps provide a sense of order in life. If you’re living with a significant other, the rule of pairs still holds true. It should even be applied to your decoration. Paintings or artwork should showcase two subjects, not just one. The bedroom is your shared space—where both parties are equal, and should be equally represented. Symmetry (and pairs) help reinforce the idea of partnership, helping to promote the basis for a strong relationship.  

Keep electronics out

In today’s world, we are plugged in 24/7. In order to rejuvenate our minds and bodies however, we must consciously disconnect, and the bedroom is the perfect place to do this. Already designated as the place of sleep, the bedroom is the one room in the home where electronics do more harm than good. Take a TV for example. Not only does it distract us from sleep (as it’s so easy to stay up past midnight glued to a show), but it also distracts from your partner. Watching TV can prevent you from having meaningful conversations or being intimate with your partner, affecting your relationship and deterring from the energy of a bedroom.

To maintain a peaceful and calming energy in your bedroom, avoid bringing in work related electronics such as laptops, computers and tablets. Not only can the presence of these devices cause anxiety since they’re associated with everyday stress, electronics can also impact your sleeping habits and overall health. The buzz of a computer, or white light of a screen can negatively affect your sleeping patterns. My husband and I have a no cellphone policy in our bedroom. Not only have we consciously decided not to use our phones in bed, but we’ve also taking to charging them out of the bedroom—that way we aren’t distracted by them at all. Don’t be afraid to ditch your cell-phone as your alarm and get an old-fashioned, by-the-bedside version (it’ll keep you from immediately checking your email the moment you wake up)!

Be thoughtful of your bed

As the most used piece of furniture in the bedroom (and really, the entire home) give your bed the attention it deserves (just like Christina Goldsmith from CG Home Interiors did in the picture above). First and foremost, you should invest in a good mattress, and high quality sheets with natural fibers to ensure a good night sleep. While sheets can get expensive, they are well worth the investment (think about it, you use them every night!). A headboard is also essential to a feng shui bed—it provides your head with the support and protection it needs to allow your body to relax when drifting to sleep (you can find the headboard in the above image on

Where a bed is arranged in a room can also shift the energy. Whether you are sharing your bed with a partner or not, it’s important to access the bed from both sides. Ideally, you should position your bed on a solid wall where you can easily see the door.—this eliminates any stress or feelings of someone entering or “looming” over you Think of it like this, the more open and accessible the bed is, the more open and honest your relationship is.

Look around your bedroom. Are there things you can change to make your bedroom more in tune with feng shui? If you did make changes, have you experienced any positive outcomes? Please share with in the comments below.

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