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How to Create an Intentional Office

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Creating an intentional office space starts with creating intentions! This seems like a no-brainer but often, when we’re feeling a little unorganized or scattered, we just want our office to feel better (like, NOW). We run out and buy a new desk, hang a whiteboard on the wall, and start writing another to-do list.

But just like everything in life, when we approach what matters to us in a centered and intentional manner, we get better results. That should be no different than when we tackle our office space.

Take a moment to think about what you want from your office right now. Do you need more clients, or are you overwhelmed with business and need more support? Are you easily distracted and need to feel more focused, or are you stressed and just need to feel more grounded and centered as you approach each day?


Write down your intentions in your journal

Taking time to set your intentions (and write them down) is the first, and most important, step to re-energizing your space.

Look at where furniture is positioned and if it works 

Although we all love a good window seat, and I’m a huge proponent of connecting with nature, when it comes to an optimal office set-up, arrange your desk so you’re facing the door (when possible). The door represents new opportunities and even though you may not have clients visit you at home, you’ll feel more empowered.

Repurpose décor from other areas of your home 

Surrounding yourself with things you love is an important part of creating an aligned office. Don’t be afraid to grab your favorite throw blanket or picture of the kids and incorporate them into your new space. Those little touches will leave you feeling grounded and at-ease.

Determine what you use most and if it needs replacing

Look around for items that don’t feel good to you anymore. Maybe it's something purchased for an old job that didn’t end well. Or that filing cabinet from Ikea that’s on it’s last leg. Creating abundance starts with feeling abundant and those tired or broken items often do more harm than good.

Clear the space 

Shake up the energy in your office by doing a Space Clearing. Something as simple as burning sage or incense or even playing some music can help shake things up and bring in some fresh energy to your space.

Add nature-based elements

Connect to the power of nature’s elements by bringing seasonal items into your space. Some examples include:

  • Fire: Candle
  • Air: Sage, incense, fan
  • Earth: Plant, stones, acorns, sea shell
  • Water: Table fountain, fish bowl 

Add pictures of what makes you HAPPY

Whether you work in a corporate environment or you’re at home, it’s time to let your personality shine through in all you do. Don’t be afraid to add a picture of your favorite musician, beach getaway or pop art that makes you smile.

Watch the clutter 

It’s way too easy to let clutter sneak in and take away all the great mojo you created in your office space. Place a recurring event every week (or every other) to remind yourself to clear out any accumulating piles and dust off those shelves so your space is always feeling fresh and ready for more.


Construct a life of purpose by aligning your office with YOUR intentions

Want to connect? I’m here for you! As a Certified Interior Alignment® Guide, I’ll work with you to re-design a room (or rooms) of your choice, breaking your project into small, bite-sized pieces that help you create a beautiful, and energetically-aligned oasis.



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