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How Your Home’s Paint Color Can Change How You Feel

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Take a moment to sit down in your home, in your “special spot” if you have one, and look at the colors that surround you. How do they make you feel? What energy do they give you?

Whether you realize it yet or not, the colors in your home impact your own energy. Using colors in your home based on how you respond to their energy is a key component of feng shui. Wait!

I know for some of you as soon as you read “Feng Shui” you were about to click out. But there’s a reason why countless successful businesses and people such as Bill Gates, Oprah, Disney and Nike use feng shui. Implementing Feng Shui has brought them abundance and helps support their life’s vision. I am testament to the same experience, which is why I became a certified Interior Alignment Practitioner. I know it can do the same for you.

Feng Shui is the Eastern practice of analyzing where things go to create the most healthful and beneficial energy flow. Intentionally choosing colors in your home is one of the simplest ways you can shift the energy in your home.

What types of energy are the paint colors in your home creating for you?

Here’s a quick color tip sheet:

  • Red is powerful, energetic. A “doing” color.
  • Orange is optimistic, expansive and improves self esteem
  • Yellow is self assured, confident and organized
  • Blue is communication, creativity and speaking your truth. This is what Mina is drawn to.
  • Purple is compassion, high ideals and an energized spirit. People into reiki or massage are creative souls that feel connected to energy. They wear purple.
  • Brown represents roots, nurturing and stabilizing
  • White is cleanliness, purity and precision
  • Green is new beginnings, growth and abundance (money)

I’ll share more thoughts on feng shui, color and choosing color elements for your home in future posts. But even beyond color, being intentional about the vision you have for your home and life is pivotal. Which is why I always recommend everyone go through an intention painting exercise.

Intention painting is taking the new color for your room, before actually painting a fresh coat of paint, and writing words that capture the energy you want for your home and your vision for the space.

You can do this any time you paint a new space and it’s especially helpful if the room is adopting a new purpose.

"I can specifically recall walking my client Matt, a buttoned up program manager for the government, through an intention painting exercise with his family in their home. We had added an addition to make room for their growing family and he jokingly started writing “G” for golf as his intention for the new space. We all had a good laugh and then he wrote the word “possibilities” because that’s what he felt the new space represented."

Interested in learning more about Intention Painting and how you can create a home that manifest’s your life purpose? Give me a shout and let’s talk about how I can help.

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