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Intention Painting

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One of my favorite parts of every client’s project is their Intention Painting, so when Mark and I remodeled our home, of course we couldn't wait to complete the exercise for ourselves! It’s an easy and fun process, and while having spaces that look good is great and all, at the end of the day this really makes you think about how you want your space to make you feel.

You see, our goals, our purpose, and our aim for anything in life comes down to our intention (where we put our energy and focus) so infusing intention into everything we do is crucial. Whether that be how we want to show up in the world, creating more gratitude in our life, or how we want to treat ourselves going forward (self-care is a big focus of mine right now). 
Our intentions help us align our energy so we're able to attract more of what we want in life. 

Whether you’re remodeling a home, getting ready to sell, or simply refreshing a room, all of our environments hold an energetic resonance to them. Setting intentions and taking time to let go of what was, in order to usher in what’s next, is a crucial step in moving forward. 


So what is an Intention Painting?
It's honestly an idea I came up with a number of years back. I know how important intentions are, and I also know how important our homes are to our own growth and experience of life. It seems like a fitting ritual to connect the two. The purpose of an Intention Painting is to connect your intention (purpose) for your space energetically into your room. To energetically “stamp” your intentions into the space. 


Who can do an intention painting with you?
The whole family can get involved! It can depend on where you’re doing your intention painting (for instance, if it’s your personal Zen Zone, you may only want it to be your intention, and if it’s your child’s room, you’ll want them to have their intention, but you can add yours along as well. Of course any shared spaces (family room, kitchen, etc.) are great places to have everyone participate.


What materials do you need?
Chalk and an imagination! You’ll want to use chalk because it can easily be painted over (pens, markers or even paint itself requires additional work, like sanding, to ensure a smooth surface.


How long does it take?
Anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the number of rooms and how much you want to express, however I highly recommend slowing down and giving the process your full attention.


Is there a process behind it?
Take some time to reflect on what the space means (or will mean) to you and write it on the wall. Draw a picture. Write a few lines from your favorite poem or religious passage...whatever you feel called to do is perfect. 


Is there a better time to do an intention painting in your home?
Whenever you’re painting a room (or even just a wall). Moving in (or even out - you can write your intentions for the the next owner. During a remodel? Absolutely! 


Our first Intention Painting with a client was my favorite. I wasn’t sure if the idea would resonate with them, but they loved it so much they even got their toddler to participate by making her mark on the wall. She couldn’t even write yet. I loved that they loved it so much and from then on, we incorporated it into all our projects.


I encourage you to have fun with it! Think of your home as a spirit you’re looking to connect with. Thank it for holding sacred space for you and your family and share your dreams for what is to come.


Looking for an example? Check out Mark's and my Intention Painting here.

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