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Intentional Choices For Your Home Decor

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I think most people have something that drives them. Something that propels them to do what they do and strive to make the impact they want to make. For me, I am obsessed with people loving their homes. I believe our homes hold the key to us feeling grounded and supported in a way that helps us live our best lives.  

I have also done enough self-reflection to know where my this obsession originated. You see, I lived in ten different places before I turned eight years old. :/  So…a peaceful and cozy home is very important to me…it’s why I first got into real estate, and then eventually into the home remodeling industry over a decade ago. 

When working with clients, I want them to have that happy peaceful feeling inside when we are done with their remodel, so I ask them to put a lot of thought upfront, before we begin the design process. In other words, I ask them to “make intentional choices.”  

Here are some ways to do that.

Make Your Feature List

It’s actually very simple. The first thing you do to ensure your design choices are intentional is to make a feature wish list categorized by:

  1. Must haves
  2. Nice to haves
  3. Pinch Me (a person can dream, right!?)

Start looking at ideas online on Houzz, Pinterest, home decor blogs , home remodeler websites (this is mine) and industry Instagram accounts (like @em_henderson, @thehouseofsilverlining and @zdesignathome). You can also go low tech and look in magazines (House Beautiful, HGTV, Dwell, This Old House to name a few) and even tour model homes. Pin, cut out and take pictures! Just like when you bring a picture to your hairstylist, contractors and designers normally love seeing pictures to get an idea of your style. Worried about not liking something you can’t visualize, most contractors can even replicate exactly what you want from a picture if you’d rather go with something you KNOW you’d love to see in your home.

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Questions to Ask Yourself

Keep your purpose in mind throughout your home design process. Do you have a minimalist mindset and don’t want to add to your space and upkeep?  Or do you have a big family and like to entertain, so a large open space concept is what you’d prefer? Do you want a separate hang out space for your kids? Think about the future too. You might be a few years away from having an empty nest. 

Your home does not need to be large in order to be well planned.  Ask yourself what the purpose is of each room, and does the layout and furniture serve it? If each room in your home has a clear purpose your household will be more organized and will help you feel at peace.

For example, many people I know who have kids use their formal living room as a homework and/or craft room instead of an additional sitting area to their family room. Instead of leaving that space unused, they made it into usable space that helps make the family function better as a whole. 


Know Your Budget

When it comes to picking out your materials for your redesign, it’s easy to forget your intentions and get carried away with all the cool choices! Set a budget ahead of time so you don’t waste a lot of time looking at things that are out of your price range. Refer back to your feature list and spend more money on your must haves – those things that are really important to you.

Research Contractors

If you are doing a renovation, don’t fall into the old “meet with at least three contractors” trap. Instead, focus your intention on finding a good fit for your particular project! Someone who is in alignment with the experience you want to have (and approaches their process in a way that can give it to you) is paramount to the success of your project. 

Once you decide what type of contractor you want, the best way to find a good one is through recommendations and online reviews. Ask family, friends, post on a neighborhood message board or local Facebook group. Once you’ve set up your appointments, make a list of questions to ask ahead of time so you’ll be well prepared and get all your questions answered during the meetings.

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Check out my ecourse if you are interested in downloading a list of meeting questions, in addition to other tools and resources for managing a home renovation.

Easy Does It

You don’t have to do a major renovation or get rid of furniture to create an intentional living space. A few easy tweaks here and there can make a big difference in how your space feels. Check out my recent blog on “8 Ways to Create a Peaceful Home with a Zen Like Vibe.” I really believe that when your home feels right, it will positively impact how you feel inside and is one of the pillars to living a contented life. 

Synergy Design and Construction

Whether you are taking on a major home remodel or doing some minor redecorating, instead of making decisions based on the latest design trends, make sure you actually like the trend. Trends come and go so what’s most important is that your home is an extension of you. It needs to feel good before it can look good!

If you want to read more articles about remodeling, adding some Zen to your life or both (I call it “Zen Remodeling”) check out more at

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