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Our Journey Home

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It’s hard to believe how much my life has changed in such a short period of time. After my midlife re-awakening and Zen Road Trip at the end of 2019, Mark and I found ourselves stronger than ever and creating the life we have always imagined.

The biggest change has been finding and remodeling our own home from top to bottom.

You see, Mark and I had kept a dirty little secret that very few knew...we were not homeowners..we rented an apartment (gasp!) It sounds innocent enough, but when you’ve spent the last 13 years building a successful business around creating meticulously remodeled homes for your clients, it seems like blasphemy to go home to your apartment every night!.

The hardest part for us was not being able to entertain. Our clients-turned-friends often invited us over for dinner parties and holidays and we hated not being able to reciprocate. Dinner at restaurants is fine, but it’s just not the same.

Sooo...after crazy-town 2020 was behind us, we realized it was time to invest in ourselves and find our forever home, which we did...right here in our favorite place, Reston, Virginia. An adorable 50-year-old single family home a few steps away from Lake Anne, owned by the original owners and in need of a complete transformation – simply perfect for us!

And since we’re not ones to do anything the traditional way, we ended up having our home chosen as ProRemodeler’s ModelReModel (which meant our renovation was being chronicled through blogs and videos every step of the way)! If you’re curious about THAT journey, you’re welcome to follow along here.

If there’s anything I’ve learned as these events have unfolded, it’s how silly it is that we kept our life on hold UNTIL we bought a house. I mean, what is so embarrassing about renting in the first place? Mark and I have both moved constantly throughout our entire lives, starting as children, and we have the uncanny ability to make every place we’ve ever lived our own. 

So, what if people would think it was weird! Would they think less of us? Would they not want to do business with us? In hindsight, it seems so silly, and yet it kept us from living our lives fully for so long.

Looking back, it was there in my face all along. My PURPOSE in this life is to help others use their homes and their lives as the springboard to raising their consciousness. Embracing a more soulful way of living allows them (and me) access to even higher and more resonant experiences of life.

Don’t know where to start?

Here’s 3 things to ask yourself (not sure why I didn’t ask these questions earlier):

  1. Do you consider your space a house or a home? (Why?)
  2. How do you want your home to make you feel (get descriptive)?
  3. What small change can you make to help your home feel nurturing to you?

When we fully embrace our homes with love, reverence and gratitude, we open ourselves to a deeper level of connection and support. Join us as we open our doors, and our hearts to the next level of transformation ahead.

The journey is just getting started...

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