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Redefining Ownership

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 I recently had an eye opening life experience that got me thinking...

Why DO we put so much emphasis on what we “own” anyway? Do we actually OWN a home when you really think about it? Or does the bank own it and we make payments to them so we can stay there? Do you OWN your car? Sure, some may pay cash or keep a car long enough to finish the payments, but unless you're uber-wealthy, true ownership is usually a pipe-dream.

And that pipe-dream, specifically when it comes to home ownership, comes at a cost.

There’s too many of us out there who feel “unsettled” or “less-than” just because we are not in a home that has a deed with our name on it. We keep waiting to live our lives how we want to live them because it’s not “ours.” I’ve experienced this first-hand, and it is not fun.

But feeling this way is not our fault. It’s what we’ve learned since we were very young through society, media and the knowledge that it’s “just the way it is.” The belief that we are not successful unless we OWN things...A LOT of things...the more we own, the more value we have in this world.   

It’s all a fallacy, and it needs to stop. 

What if our true value was based on how we live our lives? How we treat ourselves and those in our community? How we take time to care for this beautiful earth? How we nurture our connection to the divine source of all things?

We came here to experience life in our own unique way and each one of our journeys is different, however, the more we can strip away society’s expectations and our own view of what is sacred and right for us the more joyful and fulfilling our experience of life becomes.

So, if you rent right now, start living for TODAY. Set intentions for your space and allow your home to add to your experience of life (why wait)?!? Put up those curtains, paint that wall, get that couch you’ve always wanted. When you define your space as sacred, creating it with things that bring you joy, it can move with you regardless of where you go. 

And if you own your own home, awesome!! Care and nurture it as if it was the most sacred space you could enter...because it is.

2020 and 2021 reminded us how important our living spaces are to us. Being cooped up in our homes, unable to leave for months on end, had us looking at our spaces with new eyes. We couldn’t just wake up and get out of the house and forget about it. We had to embrace it and make it work for us on a whole new level. 

Let’s keep our eyes open to this newly formed connection. Let’s prioritize what’s most important to us and put how we view and treat the spaces we inhabit as a key to accessing the experience of life we long for.

Here’s 3 ways I’m going to start:

  1. Cleaning - I find myself more connected when I clean my own home. There’s nothing like consciously wiping dust off a baseboard to tell my home how much I love her ;)
  2. Greeting my home - I’ve started acknowledging my home with a little “hello and goodbye” as I enter and leave each day. 
  3. Gratitude - When in meditation I make it a point to thank my home for providing such a loving and warm shelter for us. 

What can you do to honor your home today? 

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