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The Story Behind the Story of an “Overnight Success”

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The Grammys name a Best New Artist every year, and between 1985 and 2014, 20 of the 30 winners were not “new” at all. These artists had been performing most of their lives, spending countless hours in studio or on tour for as long as they can remember. From the outside looking in, they were an “Overnight Success.” Snap your fingers, and poof… there they are!

Of course, we know it’s not that easy.

My husband Mark and I started our remodeling firm Synergy Design & Construction in 2008 and just recently had the honor of being featured in the latest issue of ProRemodeler. To me, this is the Grammys of the remodeling business and to share this with all of you is pretty surreal. It means so much to see our work resonate with others (makes me feel a little less crazy).

If you had told me then that we would be in a feature story of ProRemodeler, I actually might have believed you (hey, I think big), but I never realized what it would take to get here. I didn’t have a clue.

So here’s the actual story behind the story in hopes of debunking the “Overnight Success” myth, and it’s not what you think

Now I could tell all about how 2008 was a tough year to start a remodeling business. How it was the same year Mark and I got married, the housing market crashed, and my 91-year-old grandmother moved in with us. How no matter how crazy life got, we kept going because we knew it was our calling. We had a vision and passion that propelled us to succeed…but that’s actually nothing new. All entrepreneurs work hard and face tons of obstacles.

That story isn’t where the juice is. Where life gets really interesting is in our breakthrough moments. Where we dig deep and discover something unexpected and that’s what I want to share with you today.

My Breakthrough Story
In 2012 I won a door prize for a “Feng Shui Consultation” at a networking lunch. It was a seemingly random event that would end up re-energizing my business and ultimately changing my life. We were still running the business out of our home at the time, and after applying just a couple of suggestions she made, our business took off like never before. I was shocked!

I decided I had to learn more and eventually decided to get certified in Interior Alignment® (a system that uses Feng Shui principles to bring balanced energy to your home). The more I learned, the more I was lit up about what it could do for others. While I was hesitant at first, I eventually started talking to other women about shifting the energy in their offices so their businesses could benefit like mine did.

At the same time, I felt conflicted. Personally, I was growing and expanding on many levels, but for my business, I stayed with the sure bet: remodeling. I didn’t want to talk about alignment and energy clearing to clients because I was afraid it would be too “woo-woo,” and they’d run the other way.

This went on for a long time. I wasn’t ready to fully embrace Interior Alignment even though I loved it. It felt risky. I felt exposed.

However, everything changed when I met our clients Matt and Maggie. They had great energy, we immediately connected, and I could tell they trusted us completely.

Early on in their renovation (we were building an addition to their home), Maggie came to me on the brink of tears. She had been up all night worried that the new addition might sink over time. This was a big investment for them, and she was worried it wouldn’t turn out right and could end hurting them financially.

She was scared.

I recognized that feeling. Do you?

When our minds start racing with all the things that can go wrong. All the worry and the “what-if’s” take over and we feel frozen? I can’t stand that feeling.

Although I’ve always known homeowners were afraid of contractors, in that moment I realized just how much the remodeling process itself was an emotional journey.

Luckily, Maggie trusted me enough to let me in. She shared her fears and anxieties instead of stuffing them away. I was able to reassure and guide her through how the rest of the process was going to unfold, including what safeguards we had in place to ensure her family was safe.

Once we shared that moment, I knew without a doubt they were open-minded clients who embraced our newfound friendship. I felt emboldened to share my experience with Interior Alignment and Feng Shui with her. We did an intention painting – literally rewriting her renovation story by writing words on the walls. The ProRemodeler article shares more about this intention painting experience. At the end of the project, we also did a Space Clearing that energetically shifted her space back to her family and celebrated all we did together to create the home they’d always wanted.

Homeowners like Matt and Maggie allowed me to build my confidence and start bringing Interior Alignment to more homeowners.

It’s often hard to trust ourselves. To do things differently, often against external opposition or judgment. A lot of times, the opposition is our own personal resistance. On the other side of that resistance, however, is the breakthrough. Today, I wear Interior Alignment on my sleeve. It has become an integral part of the renovation process at Synergy and a key part of the Renovation Roadmap. We’re not successful despite our unconventional approach, but because of it.

Jimi Hendrix once said, I hear sounds. And if don’t get them together, nobody else will.

I’ve always been drawn to Jimi because of his free spirit (it’s where my zen-remodeler meets my rebellious-teen self.) Jimi never won a Grammy while he was here to accept it, but I don’t think he minded. For him, it was about paying attention to his breakthrough moments. When he heard sounds no one else could hear, he seized them. He did what only he could do.

When your breakthrough moment comes, will you be ready? What do you envision it being?

I encourage you to share it with me in the comments. I promise, there’s something about professing your hopes and goals (out loud) that gets you one step closer to recognizing and achieving your breakthrough moment.

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