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Vacation at Home

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You know that feeling when your heart is full?  Full of love, full of gratitude, and full of life? It’s almost like you’re invincible.

I think that’s our natural state.  A state of bliss.  Of undefined possibility waiting to happen and although life is cyclical and is intended to have it’s very highs and lowest of lows, our regular state is one of peace and serenity.  Where nothing is wrong and all is right in the world. A place of total surrender.

A lot of us find this state of being when we’re on vacation, or enjoying a hike surrounded by the beauty of nature.  For some of us it’s in a yoga class or when meditating at home.  Regardless of where you connect to your “bliss”, it’s important that we take the time to do just that. It’s like adding gas to a fuel tank that’s running low.  Or a splash of water on a hot day.  It restores us to our natural state, lets us regain the feeling that everything is right in our world and allows us to refocus our energies on what’s important, not what’s next on our “to-do” list.

I just got back from just one of those vacations.  One where we were able to sit at the pool for days and do nothing.  Where the beauty of what surrounded us was breathtaking and the biggest decision of the day was what time to go play golf.  We came back from this vacation more connected than ever.  Like we just got married and nothing and no one else in the world matters.  We’re in our own Universe and it is pure bliss.  Now I’m not crazy enough to think we’ll remain in this state forever and that old patterns won’t return, but I can tell you, we both feel renewed and connected as never before.  With a stronger commitment to making time for ourselves and for those special moments between us that mean so much.

I started to think about how important it is to create this state of bliss in our every day lives and how our homes contribute to that restorative feeling.  When you surround yourself with only things that you love and you balance your space in a way that supports and nurtures you, that sense of renewal is experienced every day, not just during a fleeting vacation.  I just purchased a tall Majesty Palm and placed it in the corner of our living room with an up-light that makes the shadow of the leaves dance on the ceiling at night.  I can’t tell you how much joy this brings me and how just the sight of it transports me back to my own tropical paradise!  My dream is to have everyone experience a little magic in their home.  To feel like their space is special and to enjoy their time at home as much as they would any vacation.  A tall order I know, but certainly within reach when you surround yourself with things inspire (and transport) you.

Where would you like to create a little bliss in your own home and what are a few of those memorable moments you’d like to bring forth into your space?

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