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Why you need earth elements in your home — and how to incorporate them

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Trying to pick a favorite feng shui element would be like trying to pick the best nutrient. Just like protein, carbohydrates and fat, they’re all equally important for nourishment and they balance each other out. But if there’s one of the 5 feng shui elements you truly can’t do without in the home, it’s earth. This element is truly the foundation upon which a calm and centred home is built.

Why is the earth element so important? Well, as the name suggests, it’s incredibly grounding. Amidst all the chaos of modern life, earth elements are essential for making your home a relaxing oasis. When you feel scattered and overwhelmed, this is the element that is going to ground you.

Of course, you don’t have to dump a bag of soil in your living room to bring this element into your space (that’s crazy-talk)! But like anything in feng shui, it’s all about incorporating it in a way that suits your individual space and makes you feel energized.

As a starting point, here are 4 tips for using earth elements in the home.

1. Use earth elements for a peaceful night sleep

While it’s a great idea to try to spread earth elements throughout your home, one area where it really thrives is the bedroom. Earth tones, such as blue, green and brown, are best for the bedroom as they can slow your blood pressure and heart rate down, which helps prepare you for sleep. Accessories like a terra cotta diffuser, an earthenware vase or bowl and wall art with a landscape scene are great ways to bring the earth into your bedroom. These things will add a nourishing and welcoming feel, which is important in a room that represents love and personal relationships.

2. Balance it out with fire

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In the feng shui cycle, earth is created by the element of fire – so naturally, the two go hand-in-hand and are most powerful when paired together. When you’re introducing earth elements into the home, try to think about how you can combine them with fire. For example, you could incorporate candles or a Himalayan salt lamp (I just LOVE salt lamps!)

3. Use crystals and clays

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Crystals are having a moment right now in the wellness world, but feng shui enthusiasts have been using them to bring earth into the home for a long time! Consider decorating your home with beautiful crystals, whether that’s in the form of a vase or simply using stones throughout the house. Literally translating to ‘baked earth,’ terracotta pottery is also an excellent vessel for earth energy in the home.

4. Use earthy colors

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You can also harness the power of earth through color. The feng shui earth colors include light yellow, beige, taupe and sandy colors. There are so many ways you can use it in the home, whether it’s on your walls, furniture or even your bedding. Just be sure to balance them with the other elements’ feng shui colors too (all beige would be pretty boring)!

Need help incorporating earth or any of the other feng shui elements in your home? Book a clarity call with me and let’s get you on your way!

Going beyond decorating and about to take on a home remodel? If you want it to be a zen-like process, my Renovation Roadmap ecourse might be perfect for you!

Either way, I would love to help you find peace and harmony in your home!

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