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Fun & Engaging

"I've witnessed dozens of speakers. Many know their material, but are unable to transfer their knowledge. Many speak well, but don't really connect with their audience. Many entertain, but leave us without anything actionable. Mina Fies, on the other hand, is exactly who you want on that stage. She's an expert on her content, she delivers it in a fun and engaging way, and you leave her session ready to roll. I've seen her speak more than once, and each time I've been inspired to make changes that are still in place to this day. Mina is the real deal."

Steve D.

CEO - Driven to Excel

Entertaining & Polished

“I really enjoyed Mina’s presentation on office design and Feng Shui. She simplified this mysterious practice in a way that was engaging to listen to and motivated me to take action. Her presentation was entertaining and very polished, and her professionalism and sparkling personality shined through. Best of all, her recommendations were spot on! After hearing her presentation, I went back to the office, implemented her advice, and was pleasantly surprised when I experienced almost instant results! My phone started to ring and the best kind of new customer inquiries landed in my email inbox. I find myself with an abundance of new projects! I’m so thankful to have been an audience participant at her super-helpful presentation.”

Heather C.

CEO - Mighty Little Web Shop

Interactive & Engaging

“Who knew the placement of my desk or addition of a green plant could impact my success at work?! During the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce’s Business Education Series workshop, Mina hosted an interactive and engaging presentation on how to design office space to improve sales results as well as employee collaboration. She shared many practical tips that were easy to implement. As a result, when the Chamber staff moved into our new office location last February, we were cognizant to place furniture, hang awards and decorate with intention. We appreciate Mina’s professional guidance in setting us up for success!!”

Ashleigh D.

Reston Chamber of Commerce

Edge of my Seat

"I was on the edge of my seat and so enrolled in everything Mina was saying! She is amazing at delivering powerful content in a clear, down-to-earth and entertaining way."

Deanna P.


Energetic and Approachable

"Mina is so energetic and approachable. She brings humor into her talk along with a ton of expertise."

Jennifer D.

Brand Mirror

Gets to the Heart of the Issue

“I have been working with Mina for slightly over a year and she has made a profound difference in my life. Dealing with a past major trauma that was affecting me greatly, to current challenges such as a cancer diagnosis, she helped me discover a broader view of these situations, what I bring to them, and how I keep getting in my own way. I appreciate her ability to get to the heart of issues and the intuitive skills she uses to help me confront them are as powerful as they are unexpected, (making it hard to get anything by her).”

Bobby S.

Clarity and Truth with Humor, Wit and Love

"Every session with Mina is a true gift. Her ability to tune in to me and connect with my energy has resulted in a transformation in both my personal and professional life and I couldn’t be more grateful for her guidance. What I love most about working with Mina is that she always brings me the clarity and truth I need to move forward and she does so with humor, wit and love."

Tracy B.

CEO - Boldr Strategy Consulting

Go-to Answers From the Other Side

“Mina is the expert “reframer”. She can gently give you the reality check you need to snap you out of your own self-sabotage and at the same time create a feeling of confidence as you move forward with clarity. She is my go to for answers from the other side. She is pure magic!”

Katie S.


Identify, Unlock and Move Beyond

“Mina Fies is an incredible human. Period. Full stop. Her gift for helping you identify, unlock, and move beyond whatever is in your way is truly amazing. She's helped me gain clarity and confidence in areas of life where I've long struggled because I couldn't (or wouldn't) see what was in my way. I'm beyond grateful for the way she walks the planet and shares her talent.”

Michael H.

Professional Speaker

Lots of Powerful Guidance

"I had a fantastic experience working with Mina during an intuitive session with her. Mina did a wonderful job learning about my spiritual journey and developing a deeper understanding of the areas I wanted to explore during our session. She gave me lots of powerful guidance from a combination of my own higher self, my spirit guides, and her spirit guides. Mina shines with an amazing energy and spirit that is engaging, thoughtful, and full of high vibration. I highly recommend an intuitive session with her!"

Rob W.

COO, Honeycomb Design & Construction

Tapped into a Higher Power

“I believe that I was divinely guided to this amazing woman at just the right time. I left our session so relieved, and at peace, having felt a profound shift in my energy and a tremendous release of tension and stress. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience her extraordinary gifts of clarity and empathy. Mina radiates compassion and is tapped into a higher power which I can truly say is extraordinary.”

Jane H.

TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

Become Intimately Acquainted with the Space You Inhabit Within You

“Mina Fies is an experience. She is a kind hearted, spirited, unapologetic leader and divine fierce feminine. As a remarkable remodeler and intuitive consultant she will bring the alignment you need to your physical home or office space. As a channel, guide and coach, she will help you become intimately acquainted with the space you inhabit within you. As the Master/Queen of Spaces, Mina will also “hold space”, the invisible space in between all else, the space in the “pause”, and will do so brilliantly. She will speak clearly and kindly, holding up a mirror and helping you remember who you really are, and that you are not here to impress or “fake it till you make it”, you are here to be exactly who you were supposed to be.”

Richa B.

Transformational Coach

Align Your Energy the Way it’s Intended and Step Back to See What Unfolds

"Mina’s instructions were so simple: “Face your opportunities. Want abundance?…Bring it into your workspace. Position what’s important near you.” I watched a video and was pretty intrigued. Could it work? She said that energy could manifest your destiny so I decided to give it a shot. I followed her directions, and rearranged my office space.

First of all: I absolutely LOVE my new space. It feels so different and so right, in a way that my previous set up just felt restrictive. Like I didn’t know what would be coming up next – good or bad – in my business, and I wasn’t in control. But with the re-arrangement, my office space is calm soothing, and the way I’ve always wanted my home office to be.

And secondly…Within 96 hours: Three leads. THREE. From “maybe one-days” to “we’re interested, can we talk next week?” WOW. Align your energy the way it’s intended and step back to see what unfolds!"

Juliana S.

Founder + CEO, Magnetic Current

Turning Thoughts Into Reality

“Mina is friendly, thoughtful and creative and best of all a good listener. When it was time to design our new office, she interviewed our employees and learned what would make them happy in a new space. She helped us turn those thoughts into reality (within budget) and everyone has been thrilled with our new office ever since we moved in. It’s been almost a year and the novelty has still not worn off. Thanks Mina!”

Eric G.

CEO, Apex Home Loans

Helped me See What was Truly Important

“Working with Mina helped me take an unusable space that I actually dreaded working in, and turned it into a work haven! I had become so buried in all the things I "thought" I needed and she helped me to see what was truly important and what wasn't.  Mina also helped to come up with options using the furniture and items I already had, with a plan of what I could get in the future when needed.  Now, I have a work space that is open and much more conducive to helping my creativity flow which turns into productivity in my business. If you have a space which doesn't serve you, you need to get her help!”

Yvonne L.

Young Living Essential Oils

Super helpful and amazing

"Over a few hours that I was able to spend with Mina I was able to learn things about myself and understand things that were not clear before.  Super helpful and amazing!"


Sacred Circle Member

Sacred spaces for the vulnerable

I thoroughly enjoy Mina as a guide on the scenic road to life. She is able to open you up to the deepest part of your soul with gentle kindness. She is phenomenal at creating sacred spaces for the vulnerable.


Sacred Circle Member

Safe place

“Mina is a loving expert in creating a safe place for people to be heartfelt.”


Sacred Circle Member