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It’s time to come home to yourself

When we don’t feel aligned with the larger part of who we are, we feel a bit lost. We know there’s more to life than living day-to-day, but we can’t quite seem to access that more inspired experience of what we’re truly here for. 

While many of my clients had experienced the freedom and power of being totally aligned with their higher purpose, they struggled to stay in that high-vibe place for very long and slipped back into a more unconscious experience of life.

Working together, we uplevel your energetic resonance - creating seismic shifts in how you view your life and the world around you leaving you able to access (and maintain) a consistent higher level of consciousness. 

Are you ready to shift your life into one that is more relaxed, grounded and joyful than what you can imagine?

It’s your time to explore and I’m here to guide the way.

My 12-week Private Coaching Program

This 1:1 program is for motivated inner-seekers who have grown tired of living in the old paradigms they’re accustomed to. They want to clear out old patterns and limiting beliefs and usher in an experience of life that’s full of abundance, freedom and joy.

I Need This!

Onboarding Questionnaire detailed self-assessment designed to look at where you are and where you want to go

Six Private Coaching Calls I help you release unseen energetic blocks and open yourself up to the clarity you’ve been seeking. Every session is unique to you and will incorporate modalities such as intuitive channeled messaging, guided meditations and/or pendulum work to cover any topic or subject you desire

Customized Homework with specific practices and tasks to complete between sessions

Email Access Between Sessions peace of mind to know you have support should something come up


You feel like you’re
stuck in a rut

You’re tired of feeling unfulfilled by life. You have the house, the car, the family and all the “things” that should be making you happy, but you’re not and you’re ready to figure out what is missing so you can live the life you know you should be.


You know there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing

That little whisper in your ear has been getting louder and louder, telling you there’s more to life than meets the eye. You haven’t been sure what to make of it, but you now find yourself ready to see where it leads you (you just want a guide to help you navigate the terrain!)


You’re tired of repeating old patterns

Never seem to land that perfect job you’ve been searching for? Frustrated by relationships that seem to repeat themselves? Does reaching your health goals feel like a bridge too far to cross? If you’re tired of the repetitive cycles in your life, we’ll get to the root and shift things for good.


Your relationships aren’t what you’d like them to be

While you want to let go of that past relationship that didn’t go so well, it hasn’t always been that easy. You’re ready to see what remnants may still be lingering so we can clear them out and create space for a “good vibes only” kind of life.


You’re curious about spirituality and how to navigate the unknown

You’ve been intrigued by spirituality for some time now but haven’t really known how to delve into such a vast subject. You consider yourself a faith-based person and have been worried certain concepts would conflict with your religion, but you’re willing (and excited) to explore.


You’re facing a mental, emotional or physical challenge and want help navigating it

Dealing with an unexpected health challenge? Relationship break-up? Job loss? Relocating to another city? Big changes can be challenging on many levels and you don’t want to feel like you’re dealing with it all on your own. We can navigate these choppy waters together.

I'm Ready!




You’re not ready to get real

Old patterns and belief systems don’t create themselves overnight and are almost always tied directly to your past experiences. Breaking them up doesn’t take a lot of time, but it does require revisiting your past experiences. Everything opens up if you’re willing to dig deep and “go there” with me.


You’re looking for a quick-fix

Often we put up with situations that no longer serve us far too long and by the time we reach out for help, we are desperate for change (believe me, I’ve been there!) While the goal is to shift as quickly as possible, transformational work has to be handled with care and at a pace that serves all involved.


You’re close-minded

Delving into the unknown can be a little unsettling. While questions are certainly welcome and encouraged, working with me requires you to place your analytical mind aside so you can experience other realms of consciousness available to you. Let me be your partner in leading the way.

You Can Learn To Navigate Your Life In A Way That Supports Your True Desires

(Not The Ones That Have Been Running The Show)

It’s Time To Come Home To Yourself

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Releasing what no longer serves you so you can create the future you desire

Confidence in making empowered choices ones driven by your higher self

Energetic upgrades experiencing the term “high-vibe” on a whole new level

Feeling like you can breathe again it’s amazing how you feel when you let old shit go

Tap into your own intuition so you can learn to serve yourself and others from a pure place

Becoming your best advocate tapping into your own intuition of what’s good for you

Letting go of past hurts that have been subconsciously keeping you down

Gets to the Heart of the Issue

"I have been working with Mina for slightly over a year and she has made a profound difference in my life. Dealing with a past major trauma that was affecting me greatly, to current challenges such as a cancer diagnosis, she helped me discover a broader view of these situations, what I bring to them, and how I keep getting in my own way. I appreciate her ability to get to the heart of issues and the intuitive skills she uses to help me confront them are as powerful as they are unexpected, (making it hard to get anything by her)."

Bobby S.

Clarity and Truth with Humor, Wit and Love

"Every session with Mina is a true gift. Her ability to tune in to me and connect with my energy has resulted in a transformation in both my personal and professional life and I couldn’t be more grateful for her guidance. What I love most about working with Mina is that she always brings me the clarity and truth I need to move forward and she does so with humor, wit and love."

Tracy B.
CEO, Boldr Strategy Consulting

Go-to Answers From the Other Side

"Mina is the expert “reframer”. She can gently give you the reality check you need to snap you out of your own self-sabotage and at the same time create a feeling of confidence as you move forward with clarity. She is my go to for answers from the other side. She is pure magic!"

Katie S.

Identify, Unlock and Move Beyond

"Mina Fies is an incredible human. Period. Full stop. Her gift for helping you identify, unlock, and move beyond whatever is in your way is truly amazing. She's helped me gain clarity and confidence in areas of life where I've long struggled because I couldn't (or wouldn't) see what was in my way. I'm beyond grateful for the way she walks the planet and shares her talent."

Michael H.
Professional Speaker

Lots of Powerful Guidance

"I had a fantastic experience working with Mina during an intuitive session with her. Mina did a wonderful job learning about my spiritual journey and developing a deeper understanding of the areas I wanted to explore during our session. She gave me lots of powerful guidance from a combination of my own higher self, my spirit guides, and her spirit guides. Mina shines with an amazing energy and spirit that is engaging, thoughtful, and full of high vibration. I highly recommend an intuitive session with her!"

Rob W.
COO, Honeycomb Design & Construction

Tapped into a Higher Power

"I believe that I was divinely guided to this amazing woman at just the right time. I left our session so relieved, and at peace, having felt a profound shift in my energy and a tremendous release of tension and stress. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience her extraordinary gifts of clarity and empathy. Mina radiates compassion and is tapped into a higher power which I can truly say is extraordinary."

Jane H.
TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

Too many of us struggle way longer than necessary because we aren’t consciously connected with who we truly are. 

It took me a long time going down a lot of dead-ends before I found the path that was there for me all along.

It would be my honor to help you navigate that journey for yourself.

Are you ready to come home to yourself?

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