Imagine a space created just for you to restore your energy, provide a sense of calm and restoration, and bring you back in alignment with your true nature. 

With Mina Fies, Consciousness & Soulful Living Guide


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  1. How to create a sacred space, just for you, to restore yourself in today’s fast paced world 
  2. Tips on identifying where you want your Zen Zone and how to make it your own 
  3.  Creating Zen Zone etiquette to be sure your space is kept sacred, fresh, and feeling good to you 

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Our homes serve as access to our highest awareness and yet we rarely give them the attention they deserve. Ignoring our homes because we don’t “own” them or waiting to have enough money to create that IG-worthy space, means we live every day in spaces that don’t serve us. 

Learning to tap into a deeper understanding of how your home can support you and your evolution is the first step in shifting everything and creating your very own sacred space in time.

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Soulful success. Align your energy the way it’s intended and step back to see what unfolds.

“Mina’s instructions were so simple. “Face your opportunities. Want abundance? Bring it into your workspace. Position what’s important near you.” I watched a video and was pretty intrigued. Could it work? She said that energy could manifest your destiny so I decided to give it a shot. I followed her directions, and re-arranged my office space. First of all: I absolutely LOVE my new space. It feels so different and so right, in a way that my previous set up just felt restrictive. Like I didn’t know what would be coming up next – good or bad – in my business, and I wasn’t in control. But with the re-arrangement, my office space is calm, soothing, and the way I’ve always wanted my home office to be. And secondly…within 96 hours: Three leads. THREE. From “maybe one-days” to “we’re interested, can we talk next week?” WOW. Align your energy the way it’s intended and step back to see what unfolds!”

Juliana S.

Founder + CEO, Magnetic Current

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Love the space you're in. There isn’t a “one-size-fits all” approach to creating a soul-filled home (and life) you love. Here’s to letting go of what was, ushering in what’s next, restoring your energy, and always feeling grounded and centered.