Align by Design

We all want our spaces to feel good, with a certain ease and grace that’s hard to put into words. An office that motivates us to reach farther and excel in our careers, a bedroom that relaxes us and leads to better sleep. A cozy kitchen nook that leads to our teenagers actually sharing some details with us. A living room where we’re proud to host our family and friends.

Some might call it Feng Shui. I call it Align by Design.

As a Certified Interior Alignment® Guide, I’ll work with you in this One-Month coaching program to re-design a room or rooms of your choice, breaking the project into small, beautifully organized, aesthetically pleasing pieces. 

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Consciousness Guide

Come home to yourself.

I know first hand how to live an unfulfilled life. A traumatic childhood, strained marriage and never-ending battle with food, led me to a 2-month solo journey across the US to find answers. What I found was me, and everything changed.

Few get to experience what I did on the road, but those awakening and mystical experiences along with my 20+ years in personal development work, showed me that my path of helping others heal old wounds and discover their own inner awakening, has never been more clear.

Want to transform your relationship, get your career on track or feel more at home in your life?

I’ll work with you in this exclusive 12-week one-on-one program to help you stop repeating patterns and cycles and turn your life into the one you were meant to live.

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Soulful Living

We often don’t realize the impact our homes have on us and when we do, we’re not sure what to do about it.

That’s where I come in.

In this exclusive 12-week one-on-one program I use my highly intuitive gifts, and in-depth Interior Alignmenttraining, help you tap into your intuition and live within the powerful rhythms of nature that surround you. This deepening connection to your true self creates a foundation for your life to blossom beyond what you think is possible.

If you’re ready to connect with something greater and live the life you were meant to live, Soulful Living is for you.

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Sacred Circle

Connection is our life force.

Like moths to a flame, our souls gather together in community to lift each other up and see beyond what we think is possible. We meet online twice a month for a unique and divinely guided experience that include direct channeled messages, shamanic guided meditations and sacred space energetic clearings.

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