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Are you ready to start living a truly fulfilled life in a sanctuary you call your own?

Soulful Living is about making small changes with big impact, specifically designed to raise your vibration and experience of what’s possible.

Think: Feeling peace, serenity and excitement everytime you walk in the door. Or maybe you desire abundant wellness, energy to enjoy your life, health & longevity, deep restorative sleep, and massive joy?

Many of my clients have experienced the freedom and power of being totally aligned with their homes, but struggle to stay in that high-vibe place for very long.

Are you “hell-yes!” excited to create an entirely new relationship with your home and manifest an energetically aligned lifestyle that you love?

You’re motivated, you’re ambitious, and you’re ready to go deeper. That’s why I like you.

My 12-week Private Coaching Program

This 1:1 program is for motivated and passionate seekers who don’t just want to make their home look pretty and feel good, but who want to become resilient, self-love masters who know exactly how to design an amazingly abundant and soul-filling life.

I Need This!

Initial Strategy Session and home assessment including specific alignment exercises and an action plan.

Six 90-Minute Private Coaching Calls to make sure you know exactly how you’re going to transform your space (we talk everything from feng shui to design ideas to space clearing here)!

Customized Homework with specific tasks to complete between sessions (accountability that keeps you moving forward).

Email Access Between Sessions so you have someone on your team who gets it, cheers you on and who has your back whenever something comes up!


You don’t feel “at home" in your home

You go through Pinterest and Houzz collecting pictures but need help bringing it all together. You’re busy, overwhelmed and TIRED of not feeling good in your home and are ready to do the inner-work needed to get your home where you want it to be.


You know there’s more to your home than just the things in it

You have an understanding that everything is energy and that how a space feels goes beyond just the objects in your home. You’re ready to clear your space both physically and emotionally so you can look towards the future you want to manifest.


You want to step up your design game but not sure where to start

Do you start with the floors, the walls or the furniture? You’ve got tons of ideas but have trouble trusting yourself to make it all look right at the end. You want a trusted partner that you can brainstorm ideas with and ensure you’re always on the right track.


Your space needs a facelift but you want it to be energetically aligned at the same time

Maybe you’ve been curious about Feng Shui, or other energetic modalities, and want to know how you can ensure your home is optimized for your life.


You want to use the process of remodeling to transform your life

Drastically changing our environment is an opportunity to release what no longer serves us. Diving deeper into how you navigate the remodeling process will be a game changer for how you experience your life and your home going forward.


You’re about to embark on a renovation project and want support.

It can be scary to remodel your home without knowing you have someone in your corner to bounce ideas off and talk through the issues that arise. If you’re afraid of being taken advantage of and want to know you have someone you can trust watching out for you, I’m your person.

I'm Ready!




You’re looking for a quick-fix

We all want to push the easy button and sometimes we get so frustrated with our space we just want it DONE already! Believe me, we’ve all been there. But to create the home you’ve always wanted takes a little more than a pretty design board and few accent pillows. There’s a process to creating the home of your dreams that makes your soul sing. I’m here for it if you are.


You’re not ready to get real

Remodeling isn’t always easy. Done well, it requires us to look within ourselves and get real honest about where we are, and where we want to go. As a life-long connoisseur of transformation work I know first-hand how uncomfortable it can get when we see what’s hidden from our view. Design and remodeling coupled with this introspective deep-dive can be a catalyst for the transformation you’ve been secretly longing for.


You’re looking for a full-service Interior Designer to curate and install custom designs for you

There are lots of very talented designers out there that can help you with traditional design services. Where I shine is by helping you do the deeper inner-work to ensure that what you’re choosing is aligned with your highest purpose. If you need a full-service approach AND still want to work with me, I’m happy to work with other designers, allowing us to do the deeper dive while they create and execute the vision we set-forth.

You can create a relationship with your home that supports the soulful life you desire.

You can hit your dreamy “love the space you’re in” goals a whole lot faster than you think–in a way that works for YOU.

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Releasing what no longer serves you so you can create the future you desire

Confidence in making design choices so you can be proud of your own creations

An energetically aligned environment that leaves you feeling empowered

A space where you can breathe again

Learning to harness the power of the seasons to live a more conscious life

Awakening to your power to create your reality

Letting go of the desire to impress others

Knowing that small changes have huge benefits long-term

Align Your Energy the Way it’s Intended and Step Back to See What Unfolds

"Mina’s instructions were so simple: “Face your opportunities. Want abundance?…Bring it into your workspace. Position what’s important near you.” I watched a video and was pretty intrigued. Could it work? She said that energy could manifest your destiny so I decided to give it a shot. I followed her directions, and rearranged my office space.

First of all: I absolutely LOVE my new space. It feels so different and so right, in a way that my previous set up just felt restrictive. Like I didn’t know what would be coming up next – good or bad – in my business, and I wasn’t in control. But with the re-arrangement, my office space is calm soothing, and the way I’ve always wanted my home office to be.

And secondly…Within 96 hours: Three leads. THREE. From “maybe one-days” to “we’re interested, can we talk next week?” WOW. Align your energy the way it’s intended and step back to see what unfolds!"

Juliana S.
Founder + CEO, Magnetic Current

Helped me See What was Truly Important

"Working with Mina helped me take an unusable space that I actually dreaded working in, and turned it into a work haven! I had become so buried in all the things I "thought" I needed and she helped me to see what was truly important and what wasn't. Mina also helped to come up with options using the furniture and items I already had, with a plan of what I could get in the future when needed. Now, I have a work space that is open and much more conducive to helping my creativity flow which turns into productivity in my business. If you have a space which doesn't serve you, you need to get her help!"

Yvonne L.
Young Living Essential Oils

Become Intimately Acquainted with the Space You Inhabit Within

"Mina Fies is an experience. She is a kind hearted, spirited, unapologetic leader and divine fierce feminine. As a remarkable remodeler and intuitive consultant she will bring the alignment you need to your physical home or office space. As a channel, guide and coach, she will help you become intimately acquainted with the space you inhabit within you. As the Master/Queen of Spaces, Mina will also “hold space”, the invisible space in between all else, the space in the “pause”, and will do so brilliantly. She will speak clearly and kindly, holding up a mirror and helping you remember who you really are, and that you are not here to impress or “fake it till you make it”, you are here to be exactly who you were supposed to be."

Richa B.
Transformational Coach

to NOT have a loving, connected and soul-filled relationship with your home?

Keep in mind that every week that goes by that you’re struggling to figure it all out on your own is a week that you’re not living the life you want, in the home you want….

… you’re not feeling good because you’re not in alignment with your goals.

…you’re not getting the support you need to create the space you’ve been dreaming of.

…you’re holding onto past memories and things that no longer serve you – you know, the ones that are keeping you stuck.

…you’re not learning how to express yourself fully in your environment and in your life.

Weeks can add up to months. Months add up to years.

Too many of you struggle way longer than necessary with spaces that don’t feed your soul.
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